Tips For Burning The Abdominal Fat

April 5, 2019, Author: Circuithouse
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We all want to get rid of the bacon, which is for health reasons, (1) to fit into old jeans that we like so much or simply for an aesthetic issue. The problem is that getting rid of the rolls is not a simple thing and that often, even if we commit ourselves, the approach we use is not the right one! Is doing just abdominal exercises the right choice?

The truth about how to sculpt abdominals is that … reducing abdominal fat takes time and continuous effort you should focus primarily on feeding to accelerate fat loss, and focus on the exercises to sculpt your abdominals only later DO NOT FIX IT ON THIS INESTETISMO When you want to eliminate abdominal fat at all costs, you often follow drastic diets or do unnecessary exercises, hoping to see the fat melt in no time. When you realize that this is a process that takes longer than expected, you often lose motivation and end up giving up.
A more concrete approach would be to think about the whole body because in reality there are no exercises that help eliminate love handles in a short time. Improving the general lifestyle instead, helps us to feel more fit and happier and it would be better to have this goal, rather than just to eliminate the rolls.



The following tips are sorted based on their effectiveness against abdominal fat. This means that if you integrate them into your routine one at a time starting with the number 1, you should get the maximum results.


Putting your body in weight loss mode is the only way you will lose excess abdominal fat permanently

A sustainable weight loss is based on a moderate but constant caloric deficit. To find out if you are observing a moderate calorie deficit, you must calculate how many calories you burn (calculation of daily energy expenditure) and how many you eat when you eat. Try to stay between 300-500 calories below your daily energy expenditure. Take a look at these tips to start your weight loss journey.

Additional tips to eliminate calories and lose abdominal fat:

Learn to do portions without the help of the scale
Plan snacks instead of eating what happens to you


Proteins are the building blocks of our body and are extremely important when trying to change the composition of your body, not just when you’re trying to build muscles. Proteins promote weight loss and, by eating a sufficient amount, you ensure that you do not lose muscle mass. Furthermore, proteins lengthen the sense of satiety, thus avoiding eating more than necessary. Here are all the advantages and properties of proteins.



Sugar hides in many foods and when we consume so many refined sugars, our taste buds become dependent in some way. If you are used to dessert after dinner, you will always want it and most likely you will not just need to eat fruits like banana, despite being rich in natural sugars. Once you have tasted the first piece of a trick, it will be much harder to stop. Maintaining a calorie deficit becomes extremely difficult under these conditions. Try to avoid sugars and sweets for 30 days and see how your point of view on nutrition also changes.


When we talk about weight loss we often underestimate the importance of rest. You will be able to read a lot of studies on the benefits of sleep but nothing will be as convincing as doing an experiment on yourself. Often we do not realize how much lack of sleep we have and the resulting consequences such as appetite, hunger attacks, mood swings and lack of motivation.

Try to rest your priority for a few days and see how sleeping well influences your mood and hunger attacks. This sleep calculator can help you choose the right time to wake up based on your sleep patterns.


Although it is the last of the tips it is not the least important. Training is important to get your abs, but the exercises alone cannot repair the damage caused by poor nutrition.

If you don’t have a training plan yet, you should choose it! Try this 12-week plan with exercises to do at home without tools.

Having a training plan is necessary to get results:

Is your training plan based only on exercises focused on the abdominal area? Doing just this type of exercise should not be your priority: do exercises for the whole body and add exercises for the abdominals if there is time.
Do you train less than 3 times a week? Try to train at least 3 times a week to get results
The workouts don’t change? Your plan should include so many types of exercises so you don’t always have the usual routine

Do you just do cardio? Also, include strength training. It will help you change the composition of your body faster, increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. Does your plan have few high intensity or repeated workouts? Try HIIT, Tabata and interval workouts to burn calories. The more questions a positive answer will be, the more inefficient your plan will be in order to lose weight.


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